Squeal, Whirling Slayer Barbarian Level 5 HP: 56

STR 19 CON 17 DEX 14 INT 8 WIS 10 CHA 13

AC equation: 10 + stat (0) + armor (5) + enhancement (2) + feat (1) + race/class (1) + 1/2 (2) Fort equation: 10 + stat (4) + armor (0) + enhancement (2) + feat (0) + race/class (2) + 1/2 (2) Ref equation: 10 + stat (2) + armor (0) + enhancement (2) + feat (1) + race/class (1) + 1/2 (2) Will equation: 10 + stat (1) + armor (0) + enhancement (2) + feat (0) + race/class (1) + 1/2 (2)

AC: 21 Fort: 20 Ref: 18 Will: 16

Trained Skills: Athletics, Endurance, Intimidate Other Skill bonuses:+2 Intimidate, Endurance Initiative:+4 Healing surges: Per Day 11 (Value 14)

Feats 1.Two Weapon Fighting 2.Two Weapon Defence 4.Raging Bloodcut 6. 8. 10. 11.

Attack equation: 1/2 (2) + stat (4) + prof (3) + enhancement (2) + feat (0) + misc. (0) Attack bonus: +11

Damage equation: stat (4) + enh (2) + feat (1) Damage bonus: damage die + 7


At-Will Power 1 Whirling Rend Power 1 Pressing Strike

Encounter Power 1 Whirling Frenzy Power 3 Whirling Step Power 7 Power 11

Daily Power 1 Bloodhunt Rage Power 5 Vengeful Storm Rage Power 9

Utility Power 2 Shrug It Off Power 6 Power 10

Features Race Feature: Living Construct, Warforged Resolve, Warforged Mind, Warforged Resilience, Unsleeping Watcher Class Feature: Barbarian Agility, Feral Might: Whirling Slayer, Rage Strike, Rampage Equipment Weapon: Armblade Longsword Enchantment +2 (crit dice 2d6) Weapon: Distance Trident Enchantment +1(crit dice None) Armor: Marauders Hide Armour Enchantment +2 Neck: Badge of the Beserker Enchantment +2 Other: Enchantment


Squeal was discovered, heavily damaged and inert, by explorers in a ruin in Vespus roughly a year ago. He was taken as loot to Port September and sold to a noble of the Blacklake region as a curiosity.

Sages inspecting the find noted that its design is roughly one hundred years old and is likely to have been constructed by minions of The Evil One, although the damage and weathering show that Squeal has been inert for around 70 years.

3 months ago one of the sages who investigated Squeal when he was first brought to the region offered the noble a ritual which might reactivate the warforged, and bind it as a slave to the noble. The noble jumped on the opportunity more for the novelty of having a “living” relic as a servant, more than anything else.

Squeal awoke with no memories of its past or its purpose and agreed to serve the noble as a bodyguard. Amongst the various task that Squeal has been put to has included various bouts in the arena.

A week ago the noble was found butchered, seemingly hacked to pieces. Squeal was missing until he was arrested with the rest of the group for the murder of the king.

Squeal is a seemingly innocent, having no memories from before waking up 3 months ago and finds the world around him intriguing. Those who have seen him fight in the arena have been surprised by the violent shift in personality and the brutalness his displays in combat.

Brief flashes of memory have surfaces showing Squeal before being deactivated being a ruthless combatant and having been modified to conduct electricity.


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