Libra Kell


Height: 3’-2” Weight: 43lbs Hair; brownish blonde Eyes: hazel to amber physical description: Wiry even for her lack of physical extersions, Libra is all skin and bones and this is mainly due to her light eating habits. She has the typical spiked hair of a gnome and the pointed features ears, chin, nose. She is almost always seen in her olive lab coat with it’s many pockets and spiecmen bottles.


Born to a rich family of aristo-gnomes, Libra left her home behind after she discoveried her parents had arranged a marriage for her at her birth. Disowned by her family and with little in skills Libra soon found herself in dire staits on the streets of Blackmoor.

Wondering the slums and eating in whatever soup kitchen she could find. It was during a stop for soup and bread when she was first assaulted by a group of thugs. They decide she was small enough that she didn’t need to eat as much as any of them. So why was she getting an equal share. They took her food that day and for many other days afterward when Libra couldn’t hide well enough from them.

One day Libra decided to stop hiding and only ate a little, so when the thugs came for her bowl she handed it to them gladly saying she was full. That worked the first couple times but the thugs missed their fun and followed Libra one day and chased her into an alley. Trapped she tried to fight her way out but got seriously beaten and left in the alley to rot.

Hurt, near death, and not caring Libra was found in the alley by a saint of Adele, who took her back to his laboratory and home. The next morning Libra woke to a place of wonders and horrors. As she soon discovered her rescuers affinity for the dead as well as the living. The dead he always told the young gnome (in the years to come as she studied under him) can tell you more than the living. And of course the dead don’t lie, he would say with a chuckle.

Libra Kell

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