Bounder is noticable different than your typical eladrin. Most notable is his dark brown hair. He is on the short side averaging 5-9 but still has pupiless emarld green eyes to identify him as a member of the eladrin race.


Born to poor parents in a society that usually takes care of it’s own Bounder’s apperance is said to be because he wasn’t born in the Fey realm. His parents were performers by profession and lived a hard live since at the time war against the Evil One was upon the world, and people had little time to be entertained.

Growing up with little to eat Bounder took to hunting in the forest. During his younger years he only had his sling to bring in the odd rabbit, squirrel, or quail. But during his teen years he happened upon a wounded human dying in the forest where no humans should be. He watched from a distance and after hours of no movement he investigated the body. The man was dead and Bounder quickly retrieved the bow, arrows and dagger that he found on the body. With these new weapons he was soon able to hunt deer, duck, and wolves (for their pelts).

Years passed since the incident with the dead human and Bounder took care of his family hunting and fur trading. The money was small but there was food on the table and money for an extra things like vegtables, fabrics, and the like. It happened that one day a bowyer asked Bounder how he came in possesion of his bow. And not thinking anything about it told the bowyer the truth. Later that night the Queens Guard arrived at Bounder’s home demanding to know about the man he had found and even wanted to be led to the body.

So after some seaching they found the remains still sitting under the tree no more than a skeleton now, but that didn’t stop the Guard. One performed a ritual right there that brought the man’s spirit forth to answer questions. Bounder wasn’t allowed near this and was under guard during most of it, and after whatever the spirit had to say it changed the young eladrin’s life forever.

The story of how Bounder was accused of being in league with humans wanting to sieze The White Vale for themselves and his actual defense and rescue of the Queen is a long one best saved for another day.


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